Savage Mountain Punk Arts is an organization dedicated to the role of punk arts in a variety of media (most notably music, visual arts, fashion, and literature) in Appalachian culture from the 1970s to today in a regional, national, and international context. This includes, but is not limited to, the presentation and exhibition of punk arts, educational efforts about the broader cultural importance of punk, and support for the creation and distribution of new works.

    • To promote punk arts in their various incarnations, including the creation and exhibition of new work, and to support artists around the region;
    • To develop a historical perspective of punk culture in Western Maryland and the surrounding region, and place it in the context of greater Appaclahian, national and international movements;
    • To explore the tradition of punk in Appalachia, and to explore the direct connection between folk traditions and punk’s DIY attitude;
    • To work with arts, educational, and civic organizations to place punk arts within broader cultural and counter-cultural movements and to broaden the audience for punk artists in all media.

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From collecting carloads of toys for Toys for Tots to volunteering for organizations such as the Knights of St. Andrews, supporting our community members near and far are front of mind.

We've donated skateboard decks to the Cumberland Skate Park's board design competition and we have raised money for the American Cancer Society on the FSU Campus and through proceeds of music events.


Toys for Tots


American Cancer Society

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